Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Some Days are Like That...

Today, I'm glad our plans are quiet coloring activities.  Poor Miss M is not loving Jr. Cheerleader Camp.  Yesterday she spent a lot of her time crying on my lap.  It is too loud and crowded for her.  She's just overwhelmed.  I told her she didn't have to participate today if she didn't want to, but we'll be there for Miss E anyway so I'm hoping Miss M will change her mind.  In the mean time, we'll have a quiet afternoon where Miss M can color and relax.  Maybe we'll even watch Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue since we have it from NetFlix already.  Hopefully with a little extra rest and TLC Miss M will be able to take on the noisy crowd later in the day.  Miss E will be home early from school, so she gets to have FUN with us, too.  Yay!  Here's to a quiet afternoon and a happy Cheer Camp!

FUN Plans: Create, Print, Color, Laminate Job Charts
                    Make/Laminate Bookmarks
Materials: Job Chart Template  
                 Bookmark Template  Or, these are incredibly easy to make w/o a template.  I simply cut paper strips about 2" X 5.5" and have the kids draw on them.  I laminate them, punch a hole at the top and string ribbon or yarn or whatever we have on hand through the hole.
                  Crayons, Markers etc...
                  Laminating Sheets or Clear Contact Paper, which ever is easier to find
                  Yarn, Ribbon etc...

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