Friday, September 17, 2010

Fun with Pets!

Wow, that week went by FAST!  I can't believe it's already Friday!  But, here we are so I guess it's time to get started on today.  I actually have a pretty big day outside of FUN Time.  In addition to getting both girls off to school, which is more or less a two hour project by the time I get home from preschool drop off, I am running my errands today.  I decided to skip my Bountiful Basket this week, so I'd like to have all my errands done so I can stay home and enjoy all of my Saturday. Errands will possibly take me the whole time M is at school, then I'll still have all my Morning Basics and Daily Chore, which will take me to when E gets home from school.  Thankfully, I have a slow cooker meal planned so I can have a little FUN Time before dinner.

Today's FUN is going to be something very simple we can do any time, or even a few minutes here and there.  We're going to give all our pets some extra love and fun.  M loves "training" the dogs, probably because she loves feeding them treats.  I'd love to see if she can get them to listen to her well enough to do real tricks, beyond the finding scattered cat food M throws for them, which is her idea of a trick.  Both dogs to do basic things like sit, shake and turn for E so I'd like to see if she can come up with something new for them.  We also have three cats who are pretty playful.  Watching them chase their balls or a laser pointer all around always gets us laughing.  That's what FUN is all about! 

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