Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Snuggles, Bicycles and Laundry

Yup, that title sums up my plans for today.  Poor A is either teething or sick.  He's all congested and wants lots of Mommy time.  I'm pretty sure I can give that to him.  He is a pretty snuggley little guy after all.  Also, since E learned to ride her bike M has a new interest in hers, too.  Santa brought M a little pink balance bike almost two years ago and she's had zero desire to ride it, until now.  I'm going to try to capitalize on that and get her outside to ride when she doesn't have to compete for space and attention.  I'd love it if she actually spent enough time on that bike to justify owning it.  It's a tiny little thing, and she's quickly outgrowing it.  When all our Fun Time is said and done, I have a some extra laundry to fold.  Go Tuesday!

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