Monday, September 13, 2010

Giving in to my Frederick Obsession

Here we are, mid-September.  The days are undeniably gorgeous, but the nights are cooling down.  The sun spends less time in the sky, and I'm having trouble looking forward to fall - a season I genuinely love - much less winter.  I said last week that I seem to be clinging to summer.  I'm fixated on one of my favorite Leo Lionni books, Frederick, about a little mouse who gathers the colors and feelings of summer, then helps his family through a long winter with his memories. Yes, I know this is the third time this book has come up here and even I am wondering when my brain will move on.  I have decided to give in to this obsession and include beloved Frederick in our FUN Time plans.  Today we're going to take some favorite books out to the back yard where we can soak in the sun while we read.  I'll read Frederick last, and see if I can tempt M into talking about what Frederick does in the summer time, and how he uses that work in the winter.  Best case scenario, I can get her to do a little of the same work and we'll have a great conversation about summer.  A is too little for this part, but he'll love reading the books.  E will be at school, but it's a simple activity I can do with her as part of her bedtime story, too.  Ahhhh...  Literature extension activities...  I feel like a teacher again.

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