Friday, September 24, 2010

Phew! I'm tired just thinking about it!

When I think of all the things happening today, I want to send everyone back to bed for more rest.  In addition to all the usual Friday stuff, Miss E has a field trip, we're having friends over after school, and both girls get to cheer for their future High School football team tonight.  In light of all this extra activity, I think I'm going to encourage as much down time as possible for Mr. A and Miss M.  They're both going to have their dinner schedules disrupted, be up past their bedtimes and subjected to much more action than usual most of the afternoon and evening.  Even though our scheduled FUN is only card games, I think it would be wiser to do something even more low key, like enjoying the large stack of library books we brought home yesterday.  Hopefully, this slow, quiet time will give them enough energy to really enjoy the other great stuff today will bring. 

Oh, and speaking of the library, yesterday's day out was such a rousing success I can't believe most of it was spontaneous!  First, a group of girls dressed as Disney Princesses led a very cute story time at the library.  Then, both Miss M and Mr. A immediately found the perfect books - Miss M found one called Rainbow Fairies: Katie the Kitten Fairy which, if you know Miss M you know it covers pretty much everything she loves in the title alone.  Mr. A found Can You See What I See: Trucks and Cars and plopped down on the floor  oohing and ahing over it the whole time we were there.  It was pretty great.  Then we got to go to to the park with our friends, who invited more friends who had cute little girls just right for Miss M to play tag with.  It was a really great day out.


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  2. Thanks for linking up today! I'm tired, too. Had a big birthday party for my daughter today. Hoping to head to bed soon!