Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Library! Library! Yay!

Today's FUN plan is one of my favorite things to do - visit the library!  I love it that my kids love libraries, too.  They always jump up and down when I tell them that's where we're going. There's nothing like coming home with a stack of new books after an hour or so browsing the shelves.  M and A love doing the puzzles in the kids area and often meeting new friends.  Hopefully, some of our friends can meet us there, despite out late invitation.  (I emailed this morning.  Should be plenty of notice, right?)  Miss M has discovered the  Rainbow Fairies, a chapter book series she's excited about.  I'm sure we'll head straight for those.  I'm also looking for more books she can read on her own.  I have early, early reader books but she's mastered those and we don't have any that are just right for her now.  Thank goodness for libraries! 

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