Friday, September 3, 2010

Budgetting My Time - Dave Ramsey says I should!

Dave Ramsey posted an article today that nails what I'm trying to accomplish with this blog. It is an excerpt from a book about setting boundaries with your time. The article focuses on not allowing your work life to overtake your personal life. I didn't exactly have that problem, but I was allowing goof off time to overtake virtually every other part of my life. I wasn't really doing anything. It was sad, and I was letting this brief time with my children slip away. As I mentioned in one of my first blog posts, it's been a long road back to where I'd like to be. What you see now didn't happen over night – the progress toward my goals is on going. A few people have asked if I really do all the things I've written about. The truth is, most days at least some part of the Daily Basics, or Weekly Chore goes undone. My house is much cleaner than it was three years ago, but it's far, far from perfect. One thing I haven't missed yet though, is a Fun Time activity. After all, I'm not a Stay At Home Housekeeper, I'm a Mom. I have these little people, whom I brought into this world by choice, and they aren't going to live with me or be so little and fun forever. They are my priority, and enjoying my time with them makes the housekeeping stuff feel less like drudgery. I am really proud of, and pleased with, the success I've had in prioritizing time for them. We are all happier for it.

Now, on to today's Fun plans! If I can figure out how to change the tire on my double jogging stroller, I like to take the kids for a run around the neighborhood for my workout. Then, on our way home, stop and collect some nice pine cones we spotted on our last walk. M is really crazy about pine cones. She has bags full, of all different shapes and sizes. She comes up with all sorts of new ways to glue them on papers or sticks or each other. I found a craft idea that she'll really love, but we'll have to collect pine cones specifically for this craft or no one else will be able to do it because M doesn't share her pine cones. If the tire is too daunting, or if we find ourselves a little bored this afternoon, we have some card games gathering dust. M loves to get the cards out and sort them and generally admire them, but she usually can't get anyone to play with her. I think today might be her lucky day! Also, A would like to look at the cards with M, but her highness usually won't let him. I think this might be a good time to practice sharing and enjoying her little brother.

Happy Friday everyone!

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