Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sorting is a Skill

Our toys have a way of oozing all over the house.  I swear, we just get everything back in it's place and the next day we're stepping on Play Doh Super Tools and avoiding Hot Wheels Color Shifters Mega-Duty Truck on the stairs.  We really do have homes for all of (okay, most of) our stuff, but keeping it where it belongs is a Sisyphean task.  Today our "FUN Time" will be spent putting as many toys in their homes as possible.  M loves sorting her things.  I think she likes reviewing her belongings, so I plan to start with some simple sorting games for her, hopefully making huge piles.  A loves putting things in containers, so that's what I'll concentrate on with him.  A little peppy music will liven things up, and with any luck we'll have the kids' rooms and playroom ship shape in no time!

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