Sunday, August 1, 2010

Why a SAHM Needs a Good Plan

When I was a teacher I wouldn't dream of starting my day with an empty plan book. Well, OK, I did sometimes dream of it and even made it through an occasional whole day w/o written plans, but life was always easier if I had the firm foundation of a plan. When I became a stay at home mom, I did fairly well with just a general idea of what I wanted to accomplish each day but no firm plans. That lasted for two years, until I got pregnant with my second daughter. My brain and ambition quit working together and the days became a little foggy. I developed bad habits, spending too much time on the computer, ignoring the housework, and worst of all, instead of enjoying my girls I was annoyed by them and all their endless demands. I've spent the last three years chipping away at those habits and attitudes (and adding a little brother for my girls) until I finally feel I'm more in control of my life and appreciative of the great opportunity I have to enjoy my children while they are small. It occurred to me today that what I really ought to do is make a daily "lesson plan", to hep myself stay on track. This blog will be my plan book. Hopefully I won't get so caught up in all the planning/ blogging that I loose site of the doing!


  1. This is a very interesting and honest posting. I have a couple of stay home Mom friends that I find extremly annoying because of the constant complaining. They lost sight of the invaluable opportunity they were blessed with and turned into shallow, lazy people, watching their children grow up in the corner instead of partisipating. Unfortunate.

  2. So sad, but I know people like that, too. They're part of my motivation to do better. I mean, if you have the good fortune of being able to make the choice, you should be grateful and make the most of it. I think so anyway... And if you're not happy being home your kids aren't benefiting from your presence.