Saturday, August 7, 2010

Bountiful Basket Day!

Have you heard about Bountiful Baskets? If not you should check them out It's seriously one of my favorite things. It's a produce co-op and they do at least half my weekly shopping. I get a HUGE basket of fruits and veggies for $15 and all I have to do is go pick it up. Saturday is pick up day, and our basket has become a pretty big highlight of the weekend. The girls rush to see what's in the basket (you don't get to choose and it's sometimes pretty random) and even Picky Picky (my seven year old) likes trying the new fruits. Last week we had a plum/apricot hybrid called a Pluot that was really yummy and we didn't even know existed before we got a big bunch in our Bountiful Basket. So anyway, I'm going to rush this post a bit so I'm not late for pick up...

If you checked out my "Week at a Glance" page you probably saw that my weekends are pretty open. When school starts I'm going to try to fill them in more so we can include Elise in our fun stuff, but for now I'm using Saturday and Sunday for lazy days. I'm still working on focusing when I'm working. It's so dang easy to get distracted! Yesterday I let the dishes sit in the sink all day because I just felt like playing, then wanted to kick myself when it literally took less than 10 minutes to unload/load the dishwasher, clean the pans I cooked dinner in AND throw in some take-n-bake cookies for a late night snack. And today, even though I should be able to take the weekend off from laundry, I have three loads to fold because I just haven't made myself get them done every day. So, as I atone for my slovenliness, I'll think of these quotes. I doubt Buddah and Dave Ramsey ever thought they'd show up on a blog together...
"Do not dwell in the past, do not dwell in the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment"--Buddha
“Discipline is the middle name of the wealthy.” -- Dave Ramsey
I hope they help me stay on track!

Oh, and I here are a few pictures from our fun time yesterday. I told the girls to choose their favorite outfits and you can see what stage in life Madelyn is in from her choice. :) Alex was wholly uncooperative with the whole idea until Madelyn started playing with him behind my back. Then we got a few smiles out of him at least, even if his back drop is our messy play room instead of the pretty yard. Oh, and if you're my friend on facebook look for a link to more pics later today.


  1. Very cool! I love fresh produce, especially straight from a farmer. I feel better about buying from them versus the big grocery store chain. Love the new pics, too. I can't get over how grown Elise looks in her 'skinny' jeans and crossing her legs!

  2. When it comes to skipping super market produce, me, too. Me, too. Because I grew up on a dairy farm it still seems foreign to me to even drink pasteurized milk so getting fresher and more interesting veggies and fruit is a major plus. It's also a HUGE bonus that someone else does all the choosing etc. I love skipping a whole section of the store when I do have to grocery shop now.

    And yeah, how 'bout those pictures of Elise. She looks like she's a teenager in some of them. I got some really funny ones of her and Madelyn together though. They'll remind people she's only seven. I'm posting them to my shutterfly site right now.

  3. I would love to see a picture of the basket of fruits and veggies you get each week. Sounds awesome! I wish they had that in Omaha! You are doing an awesome job on this blog, your a great mom. Way to go Robyn!!

  4. Thank you so much Sabra! Coming from you, and all the incredible things I've seen you do with your family, that is a true compliment! I'll make sure to post a pick of my Bountiful Basket this week. It really is one of my favorite things. With luck someone ambitious will open one near you!