Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Let the crafts begin!

M and A were both awesome at the dentist yesterday. M totally let them do a full cleaning, flouride treatment and even xrays. I was so proud of her! A sat on my lap and opened wide so the dentist could just visually examine him. He was also very willing to cooperate, which was somewhat unexpected. Of course we had to go buy prizes immediately! M chose a giant container of pompoms, pipe cleaners and other assorted craft supplies. She literally spent all of yesterday afternoon stringing beads and sticking glittery foam stickers on everything possible. I know that's all she'll want
to do again today, so I'm going to roll with it. A's prize was finger paints, so I'm thinking we'll just set up a big craft station outside where we can paint and bead and sticker to our hearts content. Why go outside? Simple - a two year old with finger paints likes to run around touching everything with their little painty fingers. When we're outside, I don't care because it can all be washed with the garden hose. Also, I just realized it's almost September. Already it's too dark and chilly to read E's bedtime story on the deck, as we've done most of the summer. Sigh... I love fall, but I'm really going to miss summer. We're going to do what we can to take advantage of our remaining summer days. I always think of the Leo Leoni book, Frederik
It's another favorite, and the transition from summer to fall always makes me want to gather colors and smells of summer to sustain us in the winter.

So, that's our plan today. What are you doing?

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