Sunday, August 22, 2010

Meal Planning: Kinda Fail... But I'm still going to do it!

After spending a considerable amount of time surfing the web today, I did not find what I was looking for as far as a printable template for meal planning/shopping lists. I mean, I found lots of templates but none were just what I was looking for. I could make my own, except I'm not feeling the whole "reinvent the wheel" thing. So, I've decided to just use the calendar I already built here for a bare bones meal plan and just keep my shopping list handy as I update the calendar every week. Simpler is always better, and right now that is the simplest thing I could come up with. I'm always open for suggestions though! If anyone has built a better mousetrap, I want it!

And, a short word on meal planning. I am not a cook. I actually dislike cooking. I'm often deciding what we'll eat as I'm feeding the kids. I have decided to end that stressful and unhealthy practice. Meal planning makes cooking easier for the same reasons just planning your day simplifies things. If you make the decisions in advance, that's one less step you have to take at the time. I will plan meals. Then I will cook them. My family will be better for it.

(If meal planning is a new concept for you, this blog lays out all the benefits and the how to's pretty nicely. )

Oh, and the Week at a Glance page has been updated with this week's plans!

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