Sunday, August 15, 2010

Camp out success!

Well, our sleep out was a roaring success! We spread layer after layer of sleeping bags and blankets on the deck and actually built a pretty comfortable bed. The girls were so good, too. We did a little stargazing and tried to guess what all the bugs we could hear might look like. Madelyn decided one clicking little critter would be a rainbow beetle and after that she decided she liked it's clicking noise, even though it was loud enough to wake us all up at one point. Everyone slept really well though, even our cat Birdie, who joined us.

As for today, it's another day off. I'll do the Basics, but we're just going to take it easy over all. I plan to spend some time reading with Madelyn. She's been teaching herself to read and wants to try reading Go, Dog, Go! So, we'll curl up with that for a while, and maybe she'll even let me take a video of her reading! Then I'll read with Elise and Alex, too. That's a nice way to spend Sunday, isn't it?

For my own fun time, I'm going to chip away at the photo books from our trip to Disneyland. Also, I plan to fiddle around with the calendar for the Week at a Glance page here. Someone asked a while back how I did that and I forgot to answer... The one I'm using is just a very simple, "gets the job done" thing I created using the table builder in my word processing program. I did a little looking around for a simple weekly calendar like the one I used as a teacher
but I couldn't find one that would be easy to share here. I think I'm going to play around with a few on line options today though, and maybe even try building a better one with my scrapbooking software.

That's my plan for today! What have you all got on tap?

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