Friday, August 27, 2010

Playroom Boogie!

Today's fun plan doesn't sound like lots of fun. We're cleaning the playroom. I promise, we will make it fun though! We'll turn on Madelyn's favorite music and make a game of it any way we can. One of her favorite things to do is tossing her stuffed animals into their baskets - and we have plenty of stuffed animals to put away today! We'll help Alex put his cars away. Then, he'll stay busy getting them all back out while Madelyn and I finish up the rest of the toys. My big goal is to get enough stuff cleared away that I can vacuum the whole room. After that, if we have any energy left, we'll head outside to play! Our wading pool is freshly filled, so I'm thinking we should come up with some sort of floating game...

Of course, before we can do that we are going to Madelyn's preschool open house. She is SO excited! It's an hour before time to leave and she's already completely dressed and ready to go. I just love how these little ones love school so much!

Today is also going to be "catch up" day. My favorite flylady saying is "you're not behind, just jump in where you are", but today, I am behind. I went to do the dishes yesterday and discovered I hadn't pushed the button on the dishwasher the night before. So I let that be an excuse not to clean my kitchen while I waited for them to cycle. And I continued to put it off until this morning. I haven't de-cluttered much this week, so the piles have really piled up. I'm going to tackle these things, in addition to the other things on my schedule. It's a big, big day. I'd better get moving!

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