Thursday, August 12, 2010


Today's plan includes something I've been meaning to do better with all summer and have actually been really terrible about. We're having friends over! I really don't know why it's a rare occurrence because I genuinely like all my kids friends and it's never any trouble to have them here. I think it's just so easy to not make the effort, especially because my girls get along so well and occupy each other - and Alex - pretty effortlessly. But, kids need friends . Today's get together is my first conscious effort to bring my kids friends into their lives more often. That's our fun for today - now we just have to cover the basics and daily chores and the kids job charts before the friends get here!

I'm also including some cute pictures of the girls' thank you cards. They're just simple pictures I matted on heavy scrapbook paper, but I think they'll be fun for our Granny to receive and it was a fun way to spend a half hour together with a little lesson in gratitude.

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  1. Cute pics of your girls... I was part of a play group that meant once a week, I really enjoyed that when they are younger it is not as easy to have friends over or to meet friends. We also did library days once a week and still try to get there as often as we can. Hope your guys day is awesome and full of fun.