Friday, August 20, 2010

School: Day 2

Day two of the school year brought me the realization that it might be easier to get myself off the computer and into my day at the correct times simply because I already have to get moving to get E out the door. So today, I've decided to use all my will power to fight returning to the screen after she leaves and just start my day as I have it scheduled at my calendar. I've been meaning to see just how long it really takes me to do all the things I have scheduled. As I mentioned earlier this week, there are always at some things I don't get to, despite my best intentions. I know a HUGE, neon green part of that is how easily distracted I am by my email or facebook or another great youtube video. I think being able to tell myself how long it will take to get things done might help get me moving on them. I mean, after I figured out that it only takes about ten minutes to load/unload the dishwasher and generally clean my whole kitchen, it's been a lot easier to just get up and get it done. Even I can peel my self away for ten minutes, and I enjoy my down time a lot more when I can look up and see a clean kitchen!

Also in my plan today; get ready for my awesome sister-in-law and cutie-cute nieces and nephew who will be visiting this weekend! I'll take M and A out to clean up the guest house, since they do love just being out there. After that, we'll relax and enjoy life a little. We have a Story Reader
which E always really loved, but poor M has never been able to just use it by herself. E used to sit in her bed at night and listen to the stories, but M has shared a room with E since she was too little to use the story reader alone and now E doesn't want to listen to the books as she goes to sleep. M is usually too busy during the day to slow down and play with something that requires sitting, but today I'm going to get out the reader and princess books and act like I'm listening to the stories just because I want to. When I do that M always comes over and listens with me. In fact, she usually cuddles up with me and wants to listen to most of our considerable collection of books. Then, when A wakes up from his nap, I'll do the same thing with him. I don't think he's ever seen the Story Reader before. I think he'll really like it. If he does, I even found a new book that I'm pretty sure Santa might have to bring for my little Cars addict.

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