Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Dog Day Afternoon

We have two fabulous dogs. Border Collies. They are seven months younger than E, and have been pretty neglected when judged by the standard of the previous dogs in my life. Oh, they live in the house, and they get spoken to and fed and loves (especially from the kids) daily, but they don't get the long hikes and hours of fetch that filled the lives of their predecessors. I think they are due for a special fun time of their own. Today, the kids and I will take them out to play and play with them. When they are tired of playing we'll lay them down and brush them thoroughly. M loves brushing the dogs almost as much as she loves giving them treats, which I'll let her do when the brushing is done. A will laugh and scream at everything they do, especially when they lick the treats from his hands. What a nice afternoon for us all.

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