Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Today I will just do my best.

Well, so much for resolve. Last night, approximately five seconds after I finished listing all the things I needed to do above and beyond the basics for today and was ready to go to bed, Madelyn woke up screaming with a headache and fever. I finally got to bed after midnight, but the Elise was up at 4:30, unable to go back to sleep. I let her watch some TV and she finally fell back to sleep around 6 AM, but since I've become a mom once I'm awake, I'm awake. So, me and my four odd hours of sleep are planning to throw all plans out the window. Today is a do the best I can day and heaven help the person who comes between me and my coffee pot!

All that said, I do still have some things I either really have to get done or really want to do. First on the list is the dentist. Due to her fever Madelyn won't be going but I still have to take Elise and Alex. And I WILL do my basics and daily chores. Other than that I really don't care what goes on here today – Ha! Ha! No, I really do care. A little. :) One way we spent all that time on line yesterday was making the girls new job charts for the week. I mentioned in a previous post that this is a new thing for us but last week went really well, and Elise was upset when she realized that we'd spent so much time making her new chart (and shopping on line for Halloween costumes and school clothes) that she didn't do her jobs. I promised she could do them twice today so she wouldn't miss out on her allowance this week. That means I'll have to make sure we do their jobs today, too. We also have some thank you notes to write our Grandmas, and I'm thinking that would be some good quiet together time. Thank you notes usually turn into full blown art projects or stories and those are always good fun.

There, that's my plan for today. Now I'm going to give myself 30 more minutes online and then I'm off to start my day!

Wait! I almost forgot! A couple friends have asked about my job charts, specifically how I made them and what's on them. They're pretty simple, mostly because both girls are pretty good at just doing whatever I tell them but there are a few things we needed to improve on on daily basis and so far the charts have been useful for that. These are their charts. I let them choose the pictures and they are coloring them as I write. They love that part. I made them here www.dltk-cards.com/chart


  1. Good luck with your day. I just hate having sick kids, and no sleep. Hope tomorrow turns out better for you.

  2. Thank you Daynene! Today actually wasn't bad - all three kids took nice, long naps. That can be a lifesaver!