Sunday, August 1, 2010

OK, here I am, thinking in public... I'm not really one for a strict schedule, so I've decided not to do the whole "9:15 - brush teeth" type of schedule. Instead I'm going to try using an outline for my day. And, here I go with my first outline...

  • Wake up - have my coffee, catch up on email, facebook and headlines. Stop before an hour goes by.
  • Feed kids (I'm writing this down as a placeholder. I don't really have to remind myself to feed my children. I promise...)
  • Get kids dressed and ready for day. (Yes, I do have to write this down. It's amazingly easy to spend the whole day not noticing that all the kids are in their pajamas sporting bed head.)
  • Dress me, too!
  • Take care of sick seven year old
  • Finish three day old laundry
  • Unload/load dishwasher - clean kitchen
  • Enjoy each child. Do something just for them. Spend at least a half hour each. Elise: read Chamber of Secrets Madelyn: puzzles Alex: books? cars?
  • 15 min declutter (Have you seen this site??? It's inspiriational.)
  • Empty home gym. (We've been building shelves in our storage room and the exercise room became the temporary home for a bunch of storage. That was a month ago... Not very temporary. ;( I'm ready to have my treadmill back NOW!)
  • Somewhere in here I want time for the spouse and for myself... Maybe movie night with him?

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