Wednesday, August 4, 2010

On tap today: Cleaning!

Today we're going to be cleaning! In addition to the usual things we do every day, we're also going to give our guest house a going over. My awesome niece, Claire, will be visiting this weekend and I'm sure she'll appreciate a clean space. My girls love helping me clean the guest house, mostly because they don't get to be out there alone so cleaning is a good excuse to hang out in it. So that, along with back-to-school haircuts, will be our specific together time today. Now I just need to make sure Alex gets plenty of attention, too. I'm loading his favorite tractor movies onto my iPod to keep him entertained at the salon, but that's not Mommy time. Oh - I know! We also picked up a big pack of play-doh at the dollar store yesterday. Alex LOVES play-doh! So, that's settled - now, for today's outline.

  • Wake Up
  • Breakfast/Get Ready for Swimming
  • Swimming Lessons
  • Girls Jobs/Morning Basics
  • Lunch
  • Daily Chore
  • Clean Apartment
  • Haircuts
  • Play with Alex
  • Dinner
  • Hang Out
  • Bedtime!


  1. We too love play doh even at 10. A good tip, I use a cookie sheet for them to make their fun things on and that way all the doh droppings doesn't get all over the place and only need to clean up the cookie sheet not the floor and the table.

    Question do you give your kids money for doing chores????

  2. Good idea on the cookie sheet! I like to do play doh outside for the same reason. We like using the texture of the driveway or fence bricks or leaves to make our creations more interesting.

    I have actually just started tying allowance to chores. Before my oldest just got $1 a week. She has always been really great about doing whatever I asked but my middle one is a different story. So, to incentivise her, I made weekly job charts with what they are expected to do every day. If they mark everything off every day they get their allowance. If not, they don't. I also gave my seven year old a $1 a week raise because I put cleaning the litter box on her chart. I think if you have to do that you deserve a reward. :) We'll see how it goes. Yesterday was our first day...