Thursday, August 5, 2010

Last Day of Swimming Lessons!

Today is our last swimming lesson for the summer. It's kind of bitter sweet for me. The girls are both making such good progress that I wish they had at least one more session, but it will be nice to have one more week of lazy summer mornings before school starts. I think all this staying on top of housework a-la Morning Basics and Daily Chore and making quality time with the kids is paying off. Yesterday, while making play-doh dinosaurs with Elise (7) and Alex, Elise said "You've been playing with us a lot Mom. Why aren't you cleaning?" I just laughed and told her I decided I wanted to play so I had been trying to get my work done earlier. It was rewarding to know she's recognized the change, especially since I haven't been 100% in any area. But, the effort is not in vain!

As I mentioned above, I haven't been 100%. In fact, I didn't do yesterday's Daily Chore or clean the guest house (I got sidetracked building photo books). So, that's what's in line today after swimming lessons. If we hurry really fast, we should be able to get everything done before my cute niece arrives in the afternoon. Then, I'm going to try to make flower hair clips with the girls. We also bought the supplies for this project at the dollar store on Monday. I'm all proud of myself for getting three days worth of fun out of one trip to the store! I'm far from the craftiest person alive so who knows if they'll be anything to shout about when we're finished but we should have fun making them.

Thursday's Outline:
  • consume much coffee/check email/blog
  • breakfast/get ready for swimming/write shopping list
  • grocery shop
  • morning basics
  • lunch - burritos, fresh fruit
  • daily chore X 2
  • clean apartment
  • make flower clips, run around yard with Alex
  • BBQ burgers for dinner w/ fried plantains, chips and watermelon
  • hang out w/ Claire
  • bedtime!

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