Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's off to school we go...

The first day of school is here, for one of my kids anyway. She's already up and at 'em, but not to get ready to take on a new year. No, she's up early so she can play with her new dolls before it's time to go. Yup, the Monster High dolls arrived yesterday. They are every bit the high fashion, undead tramps they looked on line! She's thrilled with them and says it's too cool that their hands and arms come off. She thinks it's because they're undead, but I know better. I'm sure it's because if I had to stop to help her pull teeny tiny clothes over those hands a zillion times a day like I do when she's playing Barbies, I'd throw the slutty things away. Phew! Got that out of my system! Ok, all that said, I do see the appeal of these undead pieces of plastic, especially for Elise. She is trying to conquer fears - this is the kid who still has nightmares about an episode of Garfield she saw last year - and exploring monsters is her way of doing it. I get that. And if there was ever a child who was into looking like a rock star, it's this one. Their colors are pretty and they did come with little diaries which Elise sat right down to read cover to cover. Elise is very involved with her own diary, so I know that was a big selling point for her, too. I think I (mostly) got over my distaste for these dolls when I saw how she was playing with them. She and Alex loaded them into our Barbie cars and raced them down the driveway. That was very funny, and when they're tucked into the Barbie cars you can't see their Frederick's of Hollywood skirts or stripper shoes, so that's all good!

Alright, plans for today... Immediately, I've got to get off this computer and get Elise ready for school. I have to make myself presentable enough to walk her into her classroom and pack her lunch. I have to take many, many pictures before we go. Then it's back home for me, where it should be business as usual. Madelyn is going to relish her time alone. She's like me - alone time is good time - but I'm going to take some time to try to get her to read to me. She has been reading to herself a lot. I hear her in her room sounding out words, but she hasn't been eager to read TO people. I'll try to get her to read to me. And Alex, well, Alex is going to want to drive trucks and build parking lots. I think we'll take his stuff back outside and let him race down the driveway, too. Now that school is here I know winter is on it's way. We'd better soak up the sun while we can!

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