Monday, August 23, 2010

Running errands can be fun!

I decided last Friday that I wanted to know just how long it took me to do all of my Morning Basics. So, I got my trusty kitchen timer out and put it to work.

Here's the breakdown:

make bed: 5 min

empty/reload dishwasher: 10 min

sweep: 5 min

de-clutter: 15 min self-imposed limit

wash/fold/put away one load of laundry: varies 10-30 min (I start one load washing, fold/put away the one from the day before, put the now clean clothes in the dryer to be ready for folding etc. the next day)

water garden: varies 10 – 40 min

feed pets: 5 min

get kids moving on their jobs: varies 5 – 20 min

On my short days this should take an hour and on the longer days, about two. When I started this blog, I estimated I should be able to do all the Morning Basics and the Daily Chore in about two hours. I think that was correct, as long as I arrange my laundry and days more of my garden needs watering to coincide with my smaller Daily Chore days. If I could get the load of red laundry (with two little girls I wash an unbelievable amount of pink clothes and I hang all of their things instead of folding them, so that takes forever) to always fall on a Thursday when I only have to throw out leftovers I think I'd have it made!

For today's fun, we're going to be running errands! M and A have dentist appointments first thing this morning. Those shouldn't take long, so after that we'll go the library for a while, then off to the store, where I'm going to let Madelyn spend some of her allowance. She wants to buy a huge container of pompoms and pipe cleaners, which makes planning more fun for the week pretty easy. Crafty time here we come!

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